Paul Williams

Paul comes from a theatre and dance background and is originally from a small town up north called Leigh where he had the classic Billy Elliot upbringing. Paul toured the country in many musicals and spent 7 years in the musical Starlight Express.

Paul has practised Pilates as part of his dance training since he was young. On leaving theatre he began teaching Pilates and discovered that he had a passion for that too! Paul is currently in his 3rd Year at University studying for a Degree in Physiotherapy. 

Paul tries his best to not just teach the exercises but to also help everyone understand why they are performing them and what to look out for. He really likes to interact with the class, that way it helps participants to engage with the exercises.

Paul still love to dance but he just does it for fun now. He also enjoys cycling (everywhere), reading and oh...he’s a massive Doctor Who fan!