Laura Harris

Laura graduated from the University of Birmingham with honours in a physiotherapy degree in 2012. She spent two years gaining a broad range of experience in the hospital setting within the NHS. Alongside this she developed her private practice, teaching extensive modified pilates classes. In 2014, Laura moved to London to pursue a career in paediatric physiotherapy at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust. Having spent this time developing her specialist knowledge and skills, Laura’s passion for working with children and young people has grown tremendously. Laura has a wealth of experience working with little ones; from premature babies through to teenagers, each with their own unique qualities and challenges. She has accompanied this with part time work at APPI teaching pilates and seeing children whenever she gets chance! Laura is undertaking the exciting challenge of setting up a more extensive paediatric service at the clinic at Hampstead APPI.

In her own time Laura enjoys the benefits of pilates and yoga to support her netball, running and swim training. Laura loves the outdoors and squeezes time in to work with Phab Kids supporting young people on their inclusive living experiences.