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Reformer Certification Series

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Reformer Series

The course is comprised of six days of practical and theoretical teaching. Ninety five beginner and intermediate original and APPI evolved movements are taught along with countless modifications and variations. Special consideration to movement selection, muscle recruitment and patterning, alignment, modification feedback and progression is made throughout the tutorials. Theoretical workshops to develop and refine visual, tactile and audio cueing, one to one program planning, home exercise program planning and group teaching are included for students to develop their skills and confidence to become comprehensive and articulate teachers. Each level has 6 REPs points.


  • To teach and understand the clinical applications for beginner and intermediate foundation Pilates reformer movements.
  • To understand movement pre-cautions and contra-indications.
  • To apply modifications and variations to the reformer movements based on a strong theoretical understanding of posture, bio-mechanics and movement.
  • To assess using the APPI Pilates screen in order to develop specific, goal orientated one to one Pilates programs.
  • To further modify the movements for different clinical populations.
  • To teach the movements with clarity, precision and confidence.
  • To provide relevant verbal, tactile and visual feedback.
  • To design a five week group Pilates programme.
  • To design and implement a five week one to one Pilates programme.
  • To develop the students own body awareness and ability to perform the movements.


Level 1  
10th & 11th February 2018, Coleraine

Level 2  
10th & 11th March 2018, Coleraine

Level 3 
21st & 22nd April 2018, Coleraine


Level 1
15th & 16th September 2018, Liverpool

Level 2
13th & 14th October 2018, Liverpool

Level 3
10th & 11th November 2018, Liverpool


Level 1
21st & 22nd April 2018, London

Level 2
19th & 20th May 2018, London

Level 3
30th June & 1st July 2018, London


This series is ideal for Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports therapists, experienced and certified studio and fitness instructors, personal trainers who have completed the APPI Pilates Matwork Level 1 or equivalent two-day matwork course with a recognized pilates training institution.


  • A minimum 20 hours attendance at group or private Pilates classes.
  • A recognized two-day Matwork course.
  • Certified instructor or registered rehabilitation professional.
  • Completion of essential pre-reading.

Certification Requirements

Course attendance: 52 hours (6 days). Self-practice and assignments: 75 hours and includes self-practice, practice within small study groups, attendance at APPI classes, extra tutorials with APPI trainers and written assignments. Observation and practice teaching: 60 hours including observation of APPI teachers and practice teaching to friends, family and small study groups. 


There is a 60 minute written examination and a 60 minute practical examination for APPI reformer certification.
Prior to attending your examination, you will be required to complete (at your own expense) the outlined number of hours of observation and practice teaching. As part of this process, you will need to sign off all of the movements from your training in your logbook (preferably by an APPI trainer). You are required to submit this logbook to APPI two weeks prior to your examination date. You will also be required to submit a five week one to one Pilates reformer programme and a five week group reformer class programme (completed throughout units one to three) including exercise modifications and variations for specific populations which has formed the homework tasks for the Foundation Reformer course.

Written examination
This 60 minute examination consists of multiple choice (20) and short answer (five) questions. Multiple choice questions will test the following:

  • components of the Pilates equipment i.e. carriage extenders, safety chain
  • movement aims
  • movement application
  • movement modifications
  • movement progressions
  • pre-cautions and contraindications

Short answer questions will test the following:
  • ability to design population specific Pilates programmes
  • ability to select exercises for stabilisation of specific regions i.e. cervical spine, scapulo-thoracic, lumbo-pelvic and hip
  • ability to select exercises for specific mobilisation - joint and soft tissue
  • ability to select exercises for spinal mobilisation in all planes of movement
  • ability to safely and effectively progress Pilates programme

Practical examination
Candidates will design and deliver a 50 minute one to one Pilates session to a mock client (whom will be familiar with Pilates matwork and equipment work) based on information given to them prior from the APPI Pilates screen. The APPI screen will be allocated to candidates at the time of booking their examination and will provide details of the clients subjective and objective assessment as well as their short and long term goals.
Throughout the examination candidates will be tested orally on their clinical reasoning, exercise modifications, verbal cues and feedback.
At the completion of the 50 minute one to one session, candidates will be tested on their ability to demonstrate a wide range of foundation Reformer movements.
Candidates will be assessed on their programme planning, clinical reasoning, precision of teaching skills, accuracy and relevance of verbal and tactile teaching and quality of feedback as well as their ability to demonstrate the movements to a high level themselves.

Pass requirement
Candidates must achieve 80% on each section to receive their Reformer certification.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellations and transfers are accepted with written notice 30 days prior to the start date. There is a admin fee of 20% of the original payment per cancellation or transfer. Once you are within 30 days of the course start date, no cancellations, transfers or refunds will be permitted.

Booking information

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