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Pre Conference - A day of Masterclasses with APPI Founders Glenn and Elisa Withers

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What to expect

This unique opportunity to spend a full day of practical classes with 2 of the world’s foremost experts in the world of Pilates Rehabilitation and movement is sure to be a day you do not want to miss. Glenn and Elisa will alternate in delivering inspiring classes that will help you to take your own teaching to new heights. 

The day will start with a Glenn delivering a MW focussed class that will explore the in depth use of anatomical based visual imagery within a mixed level Pilates class. The class will be based around the structure that has made APPI one of the world’s most widely used Pilates programs by following the 5 stage model of the APPI method. The class will be delivered it in a way that will allow Pilates instructors of all levels to really evaluate their own understanding of the Mat repertoire and the way the body can be encouraged to move by connecting the mind with the visual anatomy of the area that is primarily responsible for the movement performance. 

After a short break Elisa will take the stage with her effortless movement teaching to look into mobility sequencing and how Pilates can be used to teach the body to move and flow with more grace and ease of movement. 

Following your lunch break Elisa will be back on stage to deliver another amazing master class - Pilates flow with the weighted balls. This intermediate class introduces the Pilates weighted balls which target specific muscles during movement, add resistance to progress strengthening, create unstable surfaces for further stability training and add flow to sequences. Many variations, progressions and twists are incorporated into this class for greater strength, stability, control, body awareness and balance.

After reviewing the class in detail with Elisa and a short afternoon break Glenn will finish off the day with his Strength based Pilates class! This class works muscle group by muscle group to fatigue to create a true strength training workout for the more experienced Pilates enthusiast! Get ready to feel your core like never before, walk away with shaky legs and have those arms defined and toned in true Pilates style!