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Reformer or Full Equipment series?

At APPI we offer comprehensive equipment training packages with options to train on either / or:

  • the Reformer
  • all the large equipment consisting of the Reformer, Cadillac, chair and Barrel.

Reformer Series

The reformer only course is designed for those of you who have made the jump, or may be thinking of making the jump, to include studio equipment into your practice or studio. Our years of experience has taught us that many of you may only be able to start with the reformer machines rather than a full studio. Therefore, we have this specialised course to assist you in making this transition without having to pay for the full equipment training that you may not yet have access to. The reformer only series is comprised of six days of practical and theoretical teaching. Ninety five beginner and intermediate original and APPI evolved movements are taught along with countless modifications and variations. Special consideration to movement selection, muscle recruitment and patterning, alignment, modification feedback and progression is made throughout the tutorials. Theoretical workshops to develop and refine visual, tactile and audio cueing, one to one program planning, home exercise program planning and group teaching are included for student to develop their skills and confidence to become comprehensive and articulate teachers. 

Course Content

Reformer Level 1 - APPI five key elements, beginner and inter reformer movements, application of the APPI Pilates screen, clinical application in one to one settings.

Reformer Level 2 - Application of the Pilates small equipment to movements, beginner and inter reformer movements, teaching skills and class planning for small groups.

Reformer Level 3 - Application of the Pilates small equipment movements, beginner and inter reformer movements, one to one case study discussion, class planning for specific populations. 

Full Equipment Series

The full, comprehensive Pilates equipment series is a 4 module program spread over about 4 months that will teach you the complete Pilates Equipment movements on the reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrel. This comprehensive program is broken down into body parts as opposed to machine parts. Therefore you have the chance to focus on a variety of movements on varying pieces of equipment. We will analyse the movements first, then discuss why you would choose one piece of equipment over another for a particular client. One of the beauties of Pilates is that the same movement on the reformer or Cadillac can be made easier or harder.
To truly become a great instructor you need to know why you would choose one piece of equipment over another for any given movement. Furthermore, being trained in all the Pilates equipment pieces allows you to operate in a busy studio whilst your favoured piece of equipment is being used, allowing you to adapt your session so that the client is not affected in any way. This truly is one of the most comprehensive programs in the world.

Course Content

Equipment Module 1 -  Lumbo-pelvic control and strengthening
Equipment Module 2 - Scapulo-thoracic control and strengthening
Equipment Module 3 - Stretching and articulation
Equipment Module 4 - Advanced movements and program planning

Following the completion of the equipment series you will complete your certification via a theory and practical exam. Choose from one of these Equipment-based courses below:
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    Equipment Series

    The Equipment Certification Series (Levels 1 - 4) offers you comprehensive Rehabilitation Pilates training on large Equipment.

    Run over 4 separate weekends the Equipment Certification Series covers training on the Cadillac, Split Pedal Chair, Arc Barrel and Reformer.

    Pilates Equipment
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    Important Booking information

    As dates for the series are now unavailable please contact the office directly to find available dates or you can wait to purchase when the next series is released.
    Alternatively, individual Levels of this series can be found below.
    Pilates Equipment
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    The Equipment and Reformer Certification exam consists of two components; a practical exam and a theory exam. 
    Pilates Equipment