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Amy McKeen (Fully Certified mat & equipment)

Amy is a skilled clinician with over 15 years of experience in the outpatient orthopedic setting.  Having obtained her physical therapy degree from Washington University in St. Louis where she had the privilege of being instructed and mentored by Shirley Sahrmann, Amy’s treatment approach focuses on identifying and correcting the faulty movement patterns that are the underlying cause of a client’s pain.  APPI’s Five Stage Rehabilitation Model and emphasis on precision of form have meshed well with her treatment style and been an excellent addition to her practice.  Amy has an active interest in pain science and pain science education, and has been working to incorporate the APPI method into her holistic approach towards clients with chronic pain conditions.  Amy provides comprehensive, evidence-influenced, personalized treatment in a compassionate yet professional manner.  

Equipment Level 1
Equipment Level 2
Equipment Level 3
Equipment Level 4

Matwork level 1
Matwork level 2
Matwork level 3

Amy McKeen, PT DPT
Courage Kenny Sports and Physical Therapy – Minneapolis
2800 Chicago Ave S 
Suite 102
Minneapolis, MN  55407