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Welcome to the APPI's international instructor directory. Here you can search for a fully 'certified' APPI Pilates teacher in your area. We have thousands of teachers across the globe so we hope you can find a quality trained teacher near you.

APPI is extremely proud of our Fully Certified instructors. In the model of our founders, our instructors are pushed to be creative, energetic and focussed. We ask them to be continuously updating their skills, their knowledge of the latest research and their clinical reasoning.

At APPI we place a large emphasis on understanding how the client learns, and using this to structure the way we teach. Our students are taught to look for your learning strategy, be that learning through voice cues (auditory), vision (visual learners need more demonstration of exercises) or tactile (having the instructors hands on you to guide the movement). This focus allows the certified APPI teacher to bring their already advanced anatomy and physiology knowledge from their degree into the world of movement teaching. This combination creates a truly unique and advanced teacher.

Our instructors go through a gruelling practical and theoretical examination that ensures the standards are maintained right throughout the world.
Fully Certified: A 'Fully Certified' instructor has completed the APPI certification series and passed all examinations. The APPI fully endorses all Fully Certified Instructors.

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