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Womens health

Women's Health Physiotherapy and Pilates in London

  • 50 – 70% of women have low back or pelvic pain in pregnancy.
  •  One in three women experiences bladder or bowel control problems at some time
  •  Up to 15% of women suffer from internal pain
  •  One in four women have pelvic organ prolapse

While these conditions are very common, they are not normal and are not necessarily to do with pregnancy or childbirth. Incontinence or pain can occur from childhood to our older years.

At APPI we aim to empower every women to understand their symptoms and guide them on their road to recovery. Our Women’s Health practitioners are all specialist postgraduate trained Physiotherapists in Women’s health, all have a strong musculoskeletal physiotherapy background as well as being APPI qualified Pilates Teachers. As a result, clinicians at APPI can put the whole picture together, not looking at the pelvis or pelvic floor in isolation. Many of our practitioners are mums themselves, and most of all; all are passionate about Women’s Health. Who better to help you on your journey to pain free confidence in your pelvic floor?

What can we help you with:

If you any of the above resonates with you, please don't ignore your symptoms. Conditions that are left untreated can deteriorate over time.  At APPI, we provide a warm, confidential service aimed at getting you back to loving the body you live in.

If you have a question for our Specialist Women’s health team or would like to book an appointment, please call 0208 8797711 or email wimbledon@appihealthgroup.com

What is Women's Health Physiotherapy?

To start with, why not have a look at our info sheet on Women's Health.

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