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Summer Special Workout with Master Trainer Mel Bryant

Submitted by Melanie Bryant
on 17/07/17
Mel has brought us a 3 month summer special using the weighted balls, balance pads & massage balls.

Mel’s May Weighted Balls workout

Today we are going to be looking at some ways to incorporate the weighted balls into your Pilates exercise regime. 

1. Side bend – ball in top hand
2. Roll up with the ball under the feet. Roll ball in as you curl up and slide opposite foot forwards as you curl down. 
3. Swim 4 – Ball in hand and reach towards the opposite hand and reach away
4. Swimming – transfer ball from hand to hand as you lift the leg behind you

Mel’s June Balance challenge

This month we are going to use the balance pads to challenge our standing balance. This is really good for falls prevention, bone loading and general core and conditioning. Feel free to do the same exercises on the floor.

1. Foot series
2. Backwards lunge
3. Scooter series
4. Single leg cross balance – squats – rotations

Mel's July Massage Ball release

After the previous 2 sessions, you’ve earned a massage ball release! Here are some ideas to get you going:

1. Foot release
2. ITB
3. Piriformis
4. Rhomboids
5. Pecs

Next month we are going to challenge your body in a Swiss Ball workout

Melanie Bryant

APPI Master Trainer