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Stretch yourself these holidays

Submitted by Lauren Charlton
on 14/07/17
With the summer holiday season underway we encourage you to consider packing a positive attitude, and maybe even a few treats from APPI this year. 

Holidays are a great opportunity to relax, recharge and have the time and energy to enjoy a healthy exercise regime.

Often when we see clients return from their break we hear that they feel as though they are back at square one, feeling less flexible, weaker and sometimes even flat in mood. This year, we would like to inspire you to continue the momentum of your program whilst away from home. Perhaps consider a maintenance program to start, and you might be pleasantly surprised what you can achieve.

Some of the main barriers to regular exercise include time, boredom and fatigue. But wait, on a holiday, we tend to have more time, more stimulating surroundings and we are generally more energetic.

And here are some other suggestions to overcome potential hurdles:


APPI small equipment is inexpensive and high quality. These products will last the holiday and beyond.


If you have a pre existing injury or are prone to injury, it might be worth making an appointment to see your Physiotherapist before you travel. They can check that the exercises you are planning to do are safe and beneficial for you, and provide management strategies to keep that lower back pain at bay, so you can really make the most of your holiday.

You need guidance

APPI have a range of DVD’s and online classes to guide you, so you can feel just as supported as in the clinic:

Luggage space

APPI small equipment is travel friendly, including:


  • Friends – suggest walking to the restaurant rather than meeting there. You will often find your friend is in the same position as you, and would quite enjoy catching up over some stretches in a park.
  • Travel time and transit – check to see if Airport lounges have a place where you can work through your Pilates program, or take your spikey ball and Theraband in your hand luggage for seated exercises
  • Children – encourage them to take part in your program, perhaps packing picnic to an open green space or a playground. You may be surprised what a good motivator your little one might be.

Of course, let’s not forget to share the load between left and right hand as we bring sips of Aperol Spritz to our lips, and take plenty of time to inhale, exhale and enjoy yourself.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays, from APPI.