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PINC & STEEL Founder Lou James heads to the UK!

Submitted by Katie Hart
on 08/08/17

Lou James is the pioneering force behind the cancer rehabilitation movement in New Zealand and Australia. Thanks to her incredible work, hundreds of cancer survivors have got their lives back to the way they once were – and many more in the future can look forward to similarly reclaiming their former selves.

Lou, an experienced physiotherapist, is responsible for the introduction of the PINC Program: an individualised rehabilitation and exercise program, previously known as Pink Pilates, which focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of female cancer survivors. The programme has supported more than 4000 women since its inception. Its male equivalent – The STEEL Program– has been subsequently introduced in 2011.

The mother-of-two was prompted to establish the program after seeing first hand in her own physiotherapy practice, the physical and emotional toll that cancer had on the lives of the women affected and the people close to them. 

Denizen Heroes presents: Lou James from Denizen Magazine on Vimeo.

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