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Lovely social media feedback from Acorn Health on the quality of APPI tuition:

"An early start today - up at 5:30 AM to head in to London to help out my sister Mel with her APPI Health Group Pilates instructor's examination.

I'm always excited to go along to these sort of events as they give a really interesting insight into the training others go through and the skills they learn along the way- I was really impressed with the quality of the instruction and the depth of knowledge displayed. As health and fitness professionals, I think it's SO important we all understand each others' strengths and how we can work more closely together to care for our patients, so it was great to be part of it. Wishing my sister best of luck with her results which she gets in a few week's time!" 🏆

Excellent positive feedback from Lynley & Pippa on the Matwork 1 course on the 28th & 29th of July. What did you particularly like about this course?

• Pippa and Lynley ability to break exercises / information down to basic elements and educate participants.
• Exercise prescription and different levels of the exercises.
• It was well organised, implement, taught and supervised throughout. I enjoyed how the traditional exercises were demonstrated and then the APPI adaptation was shown with progressions. The teachers were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful, and I look forward to continuing my APPI journey.
• Very relevant to my clinical practice. Enjoyed the use of clinical reasoning throughout.
• Practical sessions. Was fun and very informative
• Format, venue
• Great venue, good tutors who were approachable and knowledgeable
• Strong link to physio and clinical practice. Good emphasis on function.
• Everyone was very friendly and helpful
• Clinical relevance of exercises and teaching
• Practical content
• Group discussions, feedback on exercises, friendly instructors

If you had an Assistant Presenter on your course, please comment below on their teaching ability, knowledge, feedback that they gave you, where they inspirational and motivational?

• All above responses apply to the assistant too - very motivational and demonstrated a very high knowledge and insight and was very approachable
• Yes very much so. Clear, succinct, very positive, and very knowledgeable.
• Pippa added to Lynley’s teaching brilliantly & was available to ask questions throughout the day.
• Yes, was excellent
• Yes, perfect
• Very good, nice to see different styles of teaching
• Very good teacher, nice manner, approachable and knowledgeable

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Laura is one of your favourite course presenters! Read below to see what our participants enjoyed about her recent courses:

14th & 15th June - Matwork Level 1 - London - Laura Bryden

• Very dynamic and practical.
• The presenter was great.
• I enjoyed how I could provide evidential support to benefit the use of Pilates in my practice. I enjoyed the practical elements and though Laura was exceptional in her knowledge of the content and how it could be used in clinical practice. I had a great 2 days with a great group of likeminded people.
• The instructor was kind and understanding
• How relatable it was for my patients already and also how i can use it on different groups of patients • Laura Bryden was a fantastic instructor. She was passionate, approachable and enthusiastic throughout. She gave excellent group and one to one feedback. I would definitely recommend!

2nd & 3rd June - Matwork level 1 - Harrogate - Laura Bryden

• It was mostly practical
• Presenting of it, so practical!
• Practical emphasis
• Large practical element
• The instructor Laura and her teaching
• Inspirational, confident and approachable tutor
• Presenter was excellent...professional yet approachable
• The practical structure
• The presenter was great - she had great knowledge & enthusiasm
• Laura was exceptional at teaching and very knowledgeable. She specifically tailored the teaching to areas we were interested/specialised in, on both a class and 1:1 basis. Starting the course with a Pilates class each day and then breaking down the movements and techniques throughout the rest of the day was a very good layout and flowed well. I am definitely keen to continue attending further matwork/ women’s health courses with the APPI. Excellent course and staff members!
• Laura was a fantastic teacher she explained and taught the practical elements very well. Laura was also motivational inspiring me to continue with my APPI learning.
• Laura was very approachable, and her enthusiasm and knowledge was great. Learnt a lot.
• Laura was very likeable and very knowledgeable
• How practical it was. Laura was a fantastic tutor who was very supportive and inspirational

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Feedback on what cusotmers liked about our Pilates and Osteoporosis course this June!

• Confirmation of areas & giving the confidence that I am doing the right thing for my clients
• positive and enthusiastic delivery with lots of ideas and explanations
• enthusiasm and knowledge of presenter
• it was the most interesting and enjoyable APPI courses I have attended as I think it was nice to learn about osteoporosis as well as discussing exs to avoid and learning new and adopted was
• beneficial to those with osteoporosis but can also be used for all clients - particularly liked how many exercises were adapted to standing

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More amazing feedback from this weeken's courses!..

Pilates for Shoulder Rehabilitation – 8th June 2018 – Glenn Withers
What did you particularly like about this course?
• Glenn’s extensive knowledge
• The content and class will be particularly beneficial to my clients. Glenn has a great teaching style, clear and succinct with great visual imagery.
• Relaxed practical and an update on Pilates teachings
• Attention to detail and comprehensive fully usable
• Very well organised, very informative, very up-to-date information & very clear instructions
• Glenn gave us so much of his experience and knowledge making the exercises all relevant to the clinical situation and classes. Glenn is always happy to share his thoughts about changing and progressing our teaching to what is relevant today and from his experience. I really enjoyed the whole day. Thanks


Pilates for Runners – 10th June 2018 – Retford – Anna Laws
What did you particularly like about this course?
• Knowledgeable, passionate & approachable tutor
• I really enjoyed the collaborative, playful and interactive nature of the practical sessions, very helpful
• Loved the theory side and great ideas for practice
• The discussions we had
• The time for peer discussions
• Friendly instructor, relaxed atmosphere.
• Very relevant and useful for my own personal running.


Matwork Level 2 in Falkirk on 21st & 22nd April went beautifully and we received this following comments:

• The course instructor was fantastic. Enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and made sure it was fun.
• I thought Linley was superb. We had a lot to cover and she managed to keep it fun and informative throughout.
• Lynley was very passionate about Pilates and it came across in her teaching! She was a brilliant instructor who made the idea of teaching less daunting and gave us really good tips on developing our classes. I really enjoyed this weekend course as it was not only informative but also fun! And I felt I engaged really well with the content and took away a lot from the two days.
• Lecturer was very good, lots of info, advice and fun
• Feedback given while practice teaching
• Excellent presenter. Very good group skills. Was able to draw not only on her own knowledge but also that of the group which helped make it even more applicable to physio practise.
• Great venue and great presenter
• Teaching, knowledge, interactive
• The presenter and relevancy of content for my Pilates classes
• Presenter was awesome. Knowledgeable experienced fun & friendly

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It was Matwork Level 2 in London at the start of April this year and we received this amazing feedback indicating participants' favourite parts:

• I enjoyed meeting other people on the course and comparing notes.
• Range of exercises
• Well presented
• Having lots of practice time and the opportunity to practise teaching
• Mix of content relevant to teaching courses i.e. Warm up, class structure examples, advice re advertising
• The discussions between Mel and the group the class planning
• I feel much more able to teach a class now due to class planning and sequencing etc.
• The balance of theory and practical
• The structured and precise teaching.
• Very informative and well-presented course. Well organised and pre course arrangements and contact was swiftly dealt with. I liked the inclusion of small equipment ideas and the balance of practical workshops and the theory.
• Group workshop

And furthermore, with regard to the assistant presenter:

• Yes Caroline was inspirational and motivational
• Engaging and motivating
• Wonderful mannerism and approachable
• Excellent also
• Great knowledge. Approachable. Great teaching in the class. Could get more involved in class discussions
• Caroline was very good
• She taught her class very well
• Yes they were great also and very friendly
• Good corrections and motivational
• Caroline, the assistant presenter, demonstrated a slightly different teaching style which was good to compare and contrast the styles. She demonstrated very good teaching ability, knowledge and feedback was valid. Also a fairly large group so having an assistant presenter meant all participants got a little more individual feedback.
• Very experienced and knowledgeable and kind:

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Excellent feedback from the Matwork Level 2 course with Lynley Eason:

"The course was really good, I enjoyed it a lot and found it informative. I’d been to the venue before, so in terms of logistics it was all good. The instructor, Lynley, was brilliant. I would like to really emphasise that. She was really fun, had lots of knowledge and went out of her way to make sure we understood things. Myself and another participant actually stayed back a bit late on the first day as we had quite a few questions, and Linley very kindly went through things with us and made sure we had a good understanding before we left. In terms of things to improve, I’m not sure I have any comments, I think there was a good balance of practical and theory, and the course ran very well."

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Online Osteoporosis CPD Course review on instagram!

"I would highly recomment the APPI Pilates for Osteoporosis CPD module! Online learning all from the comfort of your front room! ... lots of learning & great functional exercises! Event better with 20% off!!!" (thanks to Pilateswithdenika, we're glad you enjoyed the course!)

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Feedback on the Ante Post Natal Pilates Course in Reading (Feb 2018):
"What did you particularly like about the course?"

Modification with use of other equipment.
The lectures gave clarity to changes in pregnancy and exercises modification which were useful.
Well structured. Presenter obviously passionate knowledgeable about subject.
Practical element, lots of chance to practice.
Venue well set up. Presenter very Knowledgeable.
Comprehensive detail about adaptations for this patient group.
Great info for ante & post-natal clients. Gave me more confidence.
Excellent examples of exercises and explanations and demonstration by presenter.
Lectures in the morning with practical to follow and the class planning. Always great to start the day with a class too.
Good amount of practical and theory work. Good structure through the day. Plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
Excellent manual and brilliant venue. Teacher was also excellent very knowledgeable and patient.
Useful info for setting up classes. Pregnancy and effects of exercises. Up to date evidence.
Tailored to me being 24 weeks pregnant. Passional and friendly staff. Excellent venue, different rooms, plenty of space and equipment.
Mixture of practical and therapy course content, separating ante & post-natal onto different days.
The anatomy and physiology of the pregnant and post-partum lady. Variations of exercises. Presenter answered questions well so I feel much more confident treating this clients group.

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