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Pilates for Cyclists is a fantastic specialist CPD course we offer. Here is the feedback from our latest date:

This was obviously a very well thought out and planned course. I enjoyed every minute of the day and couldn’t wait to put it into practise. As always APPI have delivered a fantastic course which I will be recommending to my co-workers. Thank you for a fantastic day, I look forward to signing up for another course soon.

The course gave a great insight into the biomechanics of cycling both for amateurs and professionals which was really useful - how to optimally set up the right positioning on the bike and the mechanics of movement therein. The academic and technical information was great.

As a keen cyclist and also treating a number of amateur cyclists I found the course relevant, interesting, well taught and backed up, where possible, by research. Really good course.

[I enjoyed] Glenn’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

the content was innovative and fresh.

So specific to the target audience.

Good balance of relevant theory and review of current literature without losing the majority of a practical based session. Great new ideas on how to change and apply some of the matwork exercises.

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Our feedback on what participants liked from Matwork Level 3 in Coleraine, October 2017 - presented by Kristina Powell:

Kristina - to put it simply! Knowledge, demonstrations, explanations, feedback and general tips - all fabulous, couldn’t be more helpful!

Excellent teacher, great balance between explanations of exercises and practical time to practice. Reading clear and precise.

Thank you Kristina really enjoyed your teaching style.

Presenter was very approachable, made everyone feel at ease. Very enjoyable.

Kristina was fund and bubbly, very easy to listen to - very knowledgeable.

How everything is made to tie together so exercises can be sequenced in many different ways.

Kristina was a fantastic instructor, knowledgeable / enthusiastic and approachable.

The presenter made learning fun and lovely preambles for some exercises.

I really enjoyed this course. Kristina was great at giving feedback and good clear explanations of exercises and fun.

Kristina was very good at explaining teaching methods (tactile cues etc.)

More on Matwork Level 3 here.

The Matwork Level 3 course on 18th & 19th September in London when beautifully. Here is some feedback from participants on the course about the course and the presenters, Melanie Bryant and Tracy Ward.

"We enjoyed..."

Excellent teaching- consistent, clear and knowledgeable.

Variations of exercises and visual imagery/prompt ideas.

Practical element, time to discuss different exercises and variations of exercise.

Building of previous course and completing the repertoire of exercises. Confidence building.

This is the best course I've done. Mel was amazing and very friendly, not too slow.

A great consolidation of everything done, I felt it brought it all together.

Practical elements open discussions and able to practice in groups  to improve teaching ability.

Progression and variations/modifications

Clarity of teaching, exam advice. Relation back to function.

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Great feedback for presenter Linda Hartley on Matwork Level 2 course Manchester – she received 100% Participants particularly enjoyed the following:

Practical element to reinforce learning.

Chatty and anecdotal "keeping it real" as well as very informative. Nice group.

Linda was very knowledgeable and made the course innovative and interesting. I would choose one of Linda’s courses in the future!

Enthusiasm, personal experience examples.

Stretches and more progressions within an exercise- was very helpful. Thank you Linda.

Excellent presenter-Linda was professional but made weekend very enjoyable and fun!

Easy to transfer skills into practice. The course presenter was very knowledgeable and made it fun. It has been an enjoyable weekend. Thank you.

Good explanations from presenter, answered all questions. Gave a good amount of time for practice.

Interactive, able to ask questions. Teacher and great knowledge base and personal skills. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nice clear instruction. Loads of time for asking questions. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Lots of fun classes and plenty of time to practice and interact with the groups. Equipment workshop was great.

Linda was fabulous.

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We asked participants of the recent Pilates for Hypermobility course presented on 15th September 2017 and hosted by Glenn Withers...

What did you particularly like about the course?

Learning the differences of teaching Pilates to the hypermobile group

New knowledge. Very informative and clearly demonstrated. Good mix of lecture vs practical
Very clear, in depth explanations. Inspirational

All of it

The focus on a specific population and focused movements

Relevant and lots of ideas for exercises

Very informative, learned a lot. Thank you

The clinical reasoning and application. Relevance of specific exercises

Realistic approach showing variety and modifications

Everything. Excellent course

Applying principles to hypermobility using lots of equipment

Discussion points about the exercises. Practical points for clients. Excellent course, very informative. Lots of knowledge

Latest research. Great information and balance between this and practical side

Good balance between practical and theory. Good references, nice ideas for class


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More 100% positive feedback from recent Matwork 2 - Class Instructor course participants at Falkirk (Sep 17)...
We asked, "What did you particularly like about the course?" Here are the responses:

Sarah Chambers was fabulous, very motivated & relaxed teacher. Loved the group size, it was small & venue was amazing. Tracy was also amazing

Great facilities, excellent teachers & small group

Smaller, intimate class. Instructors Sarah & Tracy were inspiring & knowledgeable<

Practical elements - we had a really small class which meant lots of practice time & 1:1 help

Small group, great tutors, enthusiasm from both group & tutors, very good studio set up. Brilliant two days, thank you

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100% positive feedback score received on our recent Matwork Level 1 Pilates Course presented by Gemma. Here is the feedback on what attendees liked:

Clinical reasoning - small progression steps
Relating exercises to slings & the classes
Education on sling systems
Very thorough. Great teacher
The ability to practice all the exercises
Gemma was always happy to adapt if asked a question to ensure it was relevant
Linking exercises to anatomy, importance of understanding slings
Every minute [we] spent on practical
Interactive and practical element
The practical elements & discussions regarding case studies
Practical element & anatomical background
Fantastic, thank you
All of it, especially the Matwork. It was very good & enjoyable and learned more in knowing the proper cue to use

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Recent feedback from Matwork Level 2 -  Nuneaton - 10th & 11th June 2017.

Excellent instructor. Very inspirational
Variety of exercises - warm ups/cool downs & use of small equipment
Very passionate presenter - lots of new ideas learnt
Great presenter
Practical aspects
Teaching style
Relevant to teaching classes, interactive, excellent presenter
Relaxed & friendly. Very approachable presenter
Rachel was very friendly, open & informative
Workshops and Rachel's advice about class structuring 
Rachel was encouraging and inspiring which helped me feel confident
Excellent course presenter who kept both days interesting & informative
Rachel was excellent throughout both days
Well presented, tongue in cheek needed at times. Friendly atmosphere.
The level of practical was good & Rachel was very clear and easy to understand

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Some great feedback from our 2017 Pelvic Floor Talk:
"I'm pregnant with my second baby and found the evening to be extremely informative in terms of what I can do to strengthen my pelvic floor during pregnancy and what exercises I should look to continue post-partum, as well as key information about the bladder. Claire and Paulette were brilliant at explaining anatomy, what we can expect at certain points in our lives and why we don't need to just put up with being uncomfortable. Everyone should go to a session - I can already think of a few friends who would benefit. The food was delicious too, especially the homemade protein balls and smoothies."  

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