APPI Post Natal Pilates DVD

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Perfect for new or soon to be expecting mothers  |  4 videos, 1hr 20mins, £14.99
A comprehensive set of 4 videos, guiding you back into gentle exercise in the Post Natal period.
Instructed by our Women's Health Specialist, Megan Vickers, and in partnership with Vaara.

Product Description

APPI’s Brand New Downloadable DVD – Post Natal Pilates

APPI’s latest DVD is now a downloadable program so you can watch it wherever you are. This exciting new program developed and delivered by APPI’s women’s health specialist Megan Vickers is in association with Tatiana Korsakova; the founder of Vaara.

As a model and entrepreneur, Tatiana’s life has taken her from Moscow to Milan, from New York to London, and along the way, has taught her the importance of listening to and caring for her body & mind. It is her passion to bring these experiences to as many women as possible, inspiring others to live an active, healthy life.

This 4 stage program gives you the chance to complete the same workouts that Megan delivered to Tatiana after the birth of Tatiana’s second beautiful baby daughter. Megan and Tatiana worked out together once a week, and Tatiana followed her post-natal pilates program independently between sessions to regain the shape, strength, tone and elegance that has seen Tatiana become such an inspiration to so many. Follow along the workouts yourself to get back into shape after your baby, or use them as an educational program on how to deliver safe and effective post natal pilates programs to your clients.

Download the entire collection or choose the area of your body you want to focus on: Begin with video 1: Getting started and then choose from core, upper body or lower body.

This truly is a unique program and the results, well they speak for themselves!!!