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Performance Pilates for Runners

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Course Overview

This one day, 6 REPs points workshop explores the use of matwork and small equipment (Theraband, magic circle, Swiss Ball and foam roller) Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of the running client. This course explores the biomechanical and physiological requirements for successful running and suitable Pilates exercises aimed at improving running performance. Aimed at the healthy and fit client, the exercises covered will enable you to develop an effective, high level Pilates running program.

Course Content

Attendees will learn and understand:
  • the key aspects of running biomechanics and performance
  • the aetiology of running injuries and their contributing factors
  • the role of Pilates in the training of a runner with emphasis on training key muscle groups and mobility
  • how to effectively and appropriately train a runner using the APPI Pilates Method
  • the use of visualisation and various feedback methods to improve running performance
  • the manipulation of training dosage to elicit the appropriate training adaptation

1 day (8 hours)
APPI Certified Instructor CPD Approved (8 hours)
REPs Level 3 Pilates Instructor CPD Approved (4 points) 


The course is open to all Health and Fitness professionals with a special interest in sport based rehab. Due to the reference of Pilates based principles, APPI Matwork Level One or the attendance at a 2 day matwork course at a recognised Pilates training institution is recommended, but not compulsory, for this course.