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The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) is a world leading provider of Physiotherapy and Pilates Treatment, Education and Products. From its humbled beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, APPI's unique program of rehabilitation based Pilates programs has lead the world for over 16 years. 

We are committed to delivering Physiotherapy and Pilates to as many people as we can through our brilliant international partners and our onsite clinics (UK only). Our physiotherapists and master trainers in the APPI Pilates method are available at our UK centres for anyone to access. No referral needed.  Click here to learn more about our award winning treatment centres.

APPI educational programs are world renowned and now available in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and across the USA. 

APPI's influence reaches not just to the client in our treatment centres, the elite athlete at our Elite Athlete Centres, or the brilliant teachers on our educational courses. It reaches right to the heart of exercise and policy development with our founders on boards such as the Register for Exercise Professionals Technical Expert Group to Chairing the Association for Chartered Physiotherapists in Exercise Therapy. Our focus on building a better exercise community is inherent in our approach and our open nature. Our goal is to open up the ability, to allow anyone who wants to improve themselves, the chance to do so. 

So come and join us and be part of one of the largest growing communities in the Health and Fitness industry today.


More 100% positive feedback from recent Matwork 2 - Class Instructor course participants at Falkirk (Sep 17)...
We asked, "What did you particularly like about the course?" Here are the responses:

Sarah Chambers was fabulous, very motivated & relaxed teacher. Loved the group size, it was small & venue was amazing. Tracy was also amazing

Great facilities, excellent teachers & small group

Smaller, intimate class. Instructors Sarah & Tracy were inspiring & knowledgeable<

Practical elements - we had a really small class which meant lots of practice time & 1:1 help

Small group, great tutors, enthusiasm from both group & tutors, very good studio set up. Brilliant two days, thank you

To book your own APPI Pilates Matwork Level 2 - class instructor course, click here.

100% positive feedback score received on our recent Matwork Level 1 Pilates Course presented by Gemma. Here is the feedback on what attendees liked:

Clinical reasoning - small progression steps
Relating exercises to slings & the classes
Education on sling systems
Very thorough. Great teacher
The ability to practice all the exercises
Gemma was always happy to adapt if asked a question to ensure it was relevant
Linking exercises to anatomy, importance of understanding slings
Every minute [we] spent on practical
Interactive and practical element
The practical elements & discussions regarding case studies
Practical element & anatomical background
Fantastic, thank you
All of it, especially the Matwork. It was very good & enjoyable and learned more in knowing the proper cue to use

To book yourself on to Matwork Pilates Level 1
click here.

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